Reporting hackers here


His username is fe2flootesc, get him ban pls :slight_smile:

I’ll post more hackers report here if needed

this kind of cheaters is literally everywhere.

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don’t need to worry about it, all you need to know is the guy has no life because he hacks on an obby game


Beautiful statement.


Are you been serious right now ?!
Hacking ruins the fun for all players, not only you given a mass advantage to you, the others cannot have fun though, and enjoy the game, so then they quit…

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bruh why was my post taken down.
am I just not allowed to have an opinion

Do we have to explain how you literally saying that hacking is not a bad thing and it let people grind ?
Maybe that why your post got flagged… and taken down

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cheaters never get banned. I can say this from experience.
I exploited in fe2 back in 2018
never got banned. not even from the game or roblox.

there’s no point in reporting people unless they are literally breaking the game.

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I heard this before. And it’s so true.

“The Anti-Cheat system needs a rework as it bans or kicks innocent players while cheaters don’t get banned or kicked from the anti exploit script.”

I believe I read it in fe2-feedback in discord.

But crazyblox, please, rework the anti-exploit system

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stop complaining about everything oh my god

There a difference between exploits and hacking… and here we are talking about hacking…

And still, even if the player doesn’t break the game, he doesn’t have the rights to do whataver he wants and not getting ban for it…

Because hacking/exploiting ruins the fun of the game. You are essentially saying hacking is fun. It was pretty idiotic of you to just admit to hacking. Grinding takes time and effort, and is more fun then just hacking and ruining everyone’s fun. It’s selfish and insensitive.


exploits = exploit a vunerability in the game to use scripts
hacks have nothing to do with this. i dont want to argue but its def not a hacker

I don’t hack

Even if you don’t hack, you actually say that people can grind easily with hackers around, which is still wrong and completely stupid…