Resonance - New Developer Chance!

That’s right! defyinginhell is sending out one of his maps for the very first time, in PUBLIC, to another person for it to finish!

If you want to participate in this little contest of mine, you can start by messaging me in private!
You will then be added into sets of polls where the public can vote to who will make the Top 3!


The final result is handpicked by yours truly!

Third place will win a copy of the starting tower of Resonance.
Second place will win a copy of the special functions used in the EventScript.
The winner will be invited to the development place for Resonance and all credit from me will be removed.


  • The polls will SOLELY depend on my familiarity with the user and his back catalogue of maps. The quality of his/her older maps may NOT be prioritized.
  • The final map the winner receives may not be identical to when it was cancelled.
  • If participant count fails to exceed 10, the poll will be singular.
  • You will be able to vote for multiple users in a single poll. Neglect all bias when voting.
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I wish I could enter, but I absolutely suck at creating maps :frowning:

hmmm what

I think i could enter. If needed, heres my few creations screenshots: