(ROBLOX FE2 MAP TEST) Travel 3.0 (WIP)

Better travel 3 ID: Wip sorry.

Description of Map
This is travel 3. but revamped.

Pictures / Videos of Map-
Gamer for travel 3

travel maps;
powering as much satured neon spam as possible


travel maps:
powering as much satured neon spam as possible

hey my map travel doesnt have neon spam


Welcome to the community! This map looks great so far! :+1: :wave:

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This map uses neon in the worst manner ever possible

All toothpaste and dark blue

I hate this style

Try investing in other colours and use compatibility as FE2 uses it. Enabling Properties and Explorer in studio helps


another travel
with neon everywhere
especially toothpaste sorry i dont really like this but nice attempt to try to make it good

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no, not because the detail is trash, but the map is stupid as it becomes neon spamming which literally kills my eyes


How to burn your eyes.
Flood Escape 2 Edition

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Stop making travel maps
I’m really sorry for saying bad things, but truth can’t be hidden:
this map is ugly right now
Remove the toothpaste neon, or atleast try not to overuse it.

Travel is a thing?
Also why does it say “you have done” (Yes I know it means “you’re almost done” or something)

Not yours, tubular travel is decent


Try being positive please!

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Will do if the maps aren’t rigged, don’t use satured neon + don’t overdetail.

that’s just mean tbh, make good criticism, not literal hate

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it really does

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Its not as neon as the non revamped ver. well atleast imo

Ill try

Its not all neon and dark blue, you have not seen the whole map,

This revamp doesn’t really show that much neon, only the first room has neon,

Nice don’t know how that has to do with anything