Rocky's trash design for review #2

Same map section but revamped + new section for review.

As always, this is NOT the finalized version of the following sections in the map as there will be changes as more progress is worked on.

[ Increments ]
Move to: 1 and 0.5 stud generally, 0.1 for detailed work.
Rotation: 45* mainly, 5* for detailed work.

thanks :DDDDD


Looking good tho :flushed:

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Any suggestions on what to add?

It feels a bit empty at some parts. Just add a little depth to those open areas. Mostly talking about 1-2

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hopefully i dont see and confederate flags up there

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You will only the flag of Alaska and the Energon Project in the map because the location of this is literally in Alaska.

I also had to search up what was a confederate flag LMAO

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