Rocky's trash design for review

This is not the finalized version of the entire section, as changes will occur prior to map development.

You can submit suggestions and feedback on this design, as well as point out errors that make this unfitting for the design.

I only use Move to 0.1 stud and Rotate by 5*. Beams (For moving textures) may use 0.001 studs though.

~ Facility
~ Snow Base
~ Mountain

this building is amazing but the cor choice are poor, try to change the colors but still very poggers


Do you have any suggestions for a color pallete? Also thanks for the feedback!

Looks good but it looks empty.

sadly i dont, but looks really cool

Hi! Quick announcement.

This is now outdated as there have been many changes to the map. I will be posting another Forum post with the updated versions so people can review the new version! Thanks!

PS. Will also add another section to review.