Rotate Room

[Status]: Whitelisted

[Description of Map]

Map name: Rotate Room
Map ID: 1506132849
Creator: HenryRiver
Music: DJ-Nate - Evolution of Music

Model link: https://www.roblox.com/library/1506132849/water-tutorial

Helloo! This is Umm just Rotate room :smile:

This map has the rotate room of three and It has the button of Thirty lol

Please enjoy This :)!

I know, He will never add It in FE2

because it’s inadequate as FE2 map. But I don’t care hehe :smiley:

[Pictures of Map]

-Intro Room-



-Blue room-


-Red room-

-Red room2-

-Red room3-

Thank You for reading This topic! :smile:

This will make me dizzy.

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The best map to ever be created :smile:


Nice job!


you Forgot To Put A Picture Of Red Room 3 lol. Great Job, Tho!


o wait nvm


rly cool!

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Thank You! hehe :smile:

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Good job :+1:

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Needs to be added

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I don’t think this would be added

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I’m watching the vid and typing at the same time, but…

How do u rotate the rooms and parts
Pls tell me how

this is the best map

scripting prob

Good job at creating maps!

Keep it up :wink:

what is the map script

This map doesn’t have that much script tho se this vid:

(Dunno why I still made this but I still hate you and like you kbai!)

You are a confusing me.