Royal Serpent Tomb 2 | CANCELED

So if you haven’t heard already, I’ve planned to remake my oldest map: Royal Serpent Tomb.

I didn’t have a lot of time or inspiration to continue making it but am currently trying to get back into it. I need some ideas, criticisms, whatever you think can help. This is the current state of the map:

My original idea was to find a way to have the player loop back upwards to behind the door, which at the start would creep open with a yellow/gold glow suggesting something valuable is behind it. Sort of like you’re just there to get some loot and got trapped, and now you need to find a way out.

The outside area with the snakehead is missing tons of detail. Nothing even exists around/behind the player there. Was kinda thinking to just make it a dark forest with a dirt trail leading to it?

The area down below is dark, though kind of just resorted to black cobblestone walls… lazy, ik.

Not sure what much to say about the puzzle room with the randomized buttons. Given the nature of the paths needing to be tied to each potential button location, might not be that much room to change anything there.

There’s more, but… see below.

What happened?

The newest update to FE2CM, which took updates from the base game, broke how the moving walls (and possibly other things) worked. They will trigger the new anti-cheat system. Mostly the longer/faster ones, and given a lot of the map’s structure is around the concept, I’ll just have to cancel it. Sorry folks. :pensive:


OMG the gameplay is already so unique and creative!!!

but tbh i dont know what area should you make.,…,.


something like that? yes shadow fight 2 what will you do to me


map looks really interesting and cool tho

if its not a pain in the butt i would like to see (dragon/dinosaur???) skeletons like in the OG map but moving lol

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Maybe a little bit more of the original map layout? It seems really different from the old version.
Also maybe have your wall jumps accelerate instead of instantly changing the velocity. It just looks a little jarring.

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I felt that the old layout was too all over the place, so I wanted to change it to be a bit more fitting to the map name. Maybe the outside area with the snake-head door could have a city off in the distance as a sort of call-back that you’d only notice on your way back out.

I can see why you’d want acceleration for the wall jumps, though my concern for that was it could potentially slow the pace. Good thing voting exists:

  • Wall-jumps should accelerate.
  • Jarring fits for supernatural pulling forces.

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Ooh maybe after the puzzle room instead of one of the walls just going upward, I could do a little revamp of the cavern area before you go into the tomb from the original. Like some kinda bone stairs up into it, and put the huge stone skull (near the start of the original) in the wall. Maybe have its eyes track you and/or do some wacky things like skeleton arms popping out of the ground doing… something, not sure yet. Kinda like movement detail I did with the mermaid in Ocean Palace.

  • …no.
  • I think that I have a better idea.

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Some little progress…

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Pretty cool map so far! I remember playing this when you had the search map bar. Although I don’t have any ideas for this, I will be waiting for it’s arrival.

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after seeing the spawn, i say make the bricks darker of a purple or make them gray because they look too bright and don’t fit with the dark color scheme of the map.

some ideas i can think of;

  • traps: spike walls that close in, swinging axes, arrows from holes in the walls, poisonous gas (air that drains like acid), a boulder that chases you down
  • deco: torches/standing torches, artifacts like gemstones, rock particles in the cavern section (as if its crumbling), snake statues, tombs & mummies

some references i found too,

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Daz a lotta things.


• Not sure about the inclusion of spike walls or arrows.
• I think it would be funny to have an axe included in the newest room that I’m working on… like a skeleton arm tries to swing it at you.
• Boulder seems a bit cliche and given you’re always supposed to be moving forward, I don’t imagine you’re going to be looking backward at it. At this point, I’m also kind of lacking some space height-wise to make that work anymore. whoops.
• Poisonous gas is interesting if I could make it affect the air meter, though I hardly know much about the internal working of FE2 to make that happen.


• Kinda have the snake lights around the place that are sort of meant to act as torches. It’s hard to see, though in their mouths there is a little flame ball. Maybe a traditional torch could be fitting in the cavern area.
• As for the rest, that’s sort of a given for the type of map that it is. Mainly I’m working out the structure and worrying about the fine details later.

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ShadokuSan Can You Make The Second Button In Royal Serpsnt Tomb A Little More Easier Every Time I Press It The ACild Turns To The Red Water
Please Make It Easier.

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this is for a new version of RST plus even the old version is an insane so no lol

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yes we now have a


all of the mechanics in this look incredible what the heck

totally not the coolest thing ever

Skeleton hands are now in play.

If you’d rather wait to see what they do when the map releases… ig don’t watch?