Royal Serpent Tomb 2 | CANCELED

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A couple of people have said that this area is a bit too yellow tinted. Is it really that intrusive?

  • Not really / It makes some sense
  • Change it.

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Well, sorry to say that this will have to be put on hold again. The game I work for just gave me a bunch of things to do on it and idk how long it’ll take.

How did u get the wall to push you sideways, I tried making use of velocity but that never seems to work?

I think he uses body velocity something like this xd

The walls anchor your character, so changing velocity or using body movers won’t help you in this case. I don’t remember what I did specifically aside from unanchoring and using a weld to tween the position of the character from the wall… and a bunch of other maths figuring out the speed you travel, when you hit the end of the wall, and the time it should take for you to reach the end of it.

Also just gonna put this here to tag onto the last message I sent. Last thing I’ve done before I gotta take a break from this:

So, you mean like, use weldconstrain (i think is it) use instace part on wall jump use it to part and humanoidrootpart and uses moves or tween service?

I used the legacy Weld instead of WeldConstraint and tweened the C0 or C1 CFrame property. I chose this method because at the time I was also thinking of using rotating walls (ultimately decided not to though).

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Ight, thank you :smiley: I should be able to make something with this!

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what ever happened to this?

New info?

I think shadoku took a break? not sure.

i’m impressed by your work

If you haven’t seen it yet, the newest FE2CM update changed the anti-cheat a bit, and unfortunately given its new nature, this will likely have to be canceled. This also breaks Ocean Palace too :pensive: though at least that map is completable without using the water sprayers.

I’m terribly sorry.

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Noooo! I was really excited for this :C, oh well, what crazy does we can’t stop.

Man :pensive:

Aw rip, I was hoping to play this

i too ;-; but all hard work goes down? this is so sad to person who have a hard work on map like tria too