Runoff Ravine [Update!]

Runoff Ravine (Revamp)

-A Crazy map by Mar_Plays11
-might be only crazy with water
-you fall in a Ravine that is filling up with runoff from a river,
and must navigate the underground caverns to escape!
~1.3k parts
updated and whitelisted!
Community Maps ID
ID : 6403415803 / 3zedlm1

Pictures / Videos of Map-
new gameplay:

2020 version:

Its not bad. I like lighting in this map

I don’t see an ID to play the map.

can you add the id to the post so others can play it please? otherwise this map looks cool

I will add it
thx for reminding me!

The map has good concept but I do have a good amount of issues with it.

First off the map is SUPER cramp and it just doesn’t feel right being that small,
Second the jumps in the map are really weird like you got -1 stud platforms at parts and in the first part the tower climb is really hard to work around
Third the water rises quite weird could make it a bit slower because of how fast it is its all laggy

But that is all from me def see the map with potential always room for improvement good job!

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I will uncramp the first part

good concept
but change the diff to insane nerfing the lava a bit

Reduce Blur For 3 or 2
Fits More On Map

Cool :o


I think its fine