S-156 Plasma Tank (2nd version)


  • S-156 Plasma is a laser plasma gun made in Sunstopia. It has a huge amount of plasma and when it shoots, the plasma has 100k V and it can be very dangerous. So people have forbidden using it and the weapon can only use for high military.
  • The gun also has some amount of airs and waters in the back of it so you can take air by a tube.

About the tank

  • Category: Tank
  • Price: 200 Gems :gem:
  • Parts: Overdetailed 54 parts (3 unions/can be converted into meshes, and 51 parts)
    Underdetailed 36 parts (2 unions, and 34 parts)

Overdetailed version::

Underdetailed version:

Crazy should add “weapon” item if there are too many people gonna make the tanks with weapon design aaa That is very cool.

Overdetailed imo

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cool build but wouldn’t classify it as a tank

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lasers PEW PEW!

too many parts
crazy add this lol

this is more of a (icy)gun than a tank ngl

  1. Over detailed for a tank
  2. Kinda big

Holy crap
That’s a lot of parts
Too bad it won’t get added due to the part count (it prob cause lag for Low end devices)

i can use this to assault people

I love the idea, and the amount of detail! nice work!


Wow this must’ve cost you hours to make! Good job!

IT hasn’t only 53 parts wdym? And I’d kill if there was a rule about part count

It is not a pistol gun like you are thinking lol. And also it has only 54 parts so what’s the matter? Anyways I will make the second version of it but underdetailed and lesser parts

I think Flood swords are weapon tank because they are swords and swords are weapons, too

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Only 20 minutes lol but it is kinda hard to find inspiration and ideas

Oh right, I forgot about that thing.

omg best one out there

more of an icygun rather than a tank yeet

Well I said it may cause lag for mobile devices