[?]'s Progress Post

Welcome, In this post I’ll post pictures and updates on my Project.
Layout, Pics, trailers etc…
Every comment is accepted but please, no bullying.
When I pot unfinished Layouts. I invite everyone to tell me suggestions and what to add like decoration.

This is the elevator room layout.
I request you, people, to tell me:

What Decorations should I put on the Walls And on the Elevator Ground (Spawn)
Please, be specific!

Update: Outlined the Smooth Corners

i bet you this is going to be a undertale map


no, its a better version of tria resurgo

laughing sound effect


I already fell in love with this cringe layout

I’m gonna prepare my part counter

how is it a layout when you don’t have any gameplay and have already decorated it

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The 2 first were layouts, And by layout I mean PICS Wich shows how the room will be decorated.


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Also do you know whats the textures used in Electoman’s Adventure’s ground?

This makes no sense but ok

I never make sense, deal with it

Try making sense so you can get better at not making sense

thank you

hold up lemme see

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so you wanna be a person who doesn’t make sense? ok

How dis Bertha dan treeeeeaaaa resurgiiii

thats smooth


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