Sad Story with my map! (Not really)

I Create my map success Make it to model and save to roblox.
I whitelisting my map and it success too.
I wait 1 week.
I trying to go FE2 MAP TEST By CrazyBlox And put my ID But it not found!
It said “Asset is not trusted for this place Cloudn’t load map. model not inventory?”
I click it again but it said"Temp read failure. model not inventory?"
I going to cry! T_T

this isn’t really a sad story but
why is this in the wrong category

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I am depress


That’s so sad, I’m gonna cry.

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This happend to me too, Im waiting 5 days T-T

And this post was to be in “General” category?

you gotta wait longer

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Check your model sales to see if Crazyblox bought it or not.

the whitelist queue is full so you can’t get your map approved rn

But…Dev_RMS alredy whitelisted the map.

He just know to wait 2 weekes to CrazyBlox clear the queue again and Dev_RMS map whitelisted in fe2 Map test.

wait what

Read the story.

yes so ?


epicly cries

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very epicly cries

cries in 1 month

Starting at this topic, Dev_RMS never see again (online).

this are one of the most cruelest things crazy have did ;-;

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