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Hi y’all!

Write (a) positive thing(s) about the person above you. If you do not know them, just simply say “hi”.

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good script guy 100 script epic

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amazing helper and a great person to the community. also a good scripter,

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cool scripter and cool guy


epic expose person

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cool dash 8)

neat person, knows memes well

nice person and comedian

one of best friends and epic
also i have no idea who SeseJD is

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outrageous map maker :'D

gamer pro

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dude who has a affinity to expose the bad or the suspicious

i guess thats what im only known for ;w;


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creative map builder and a great friend

cool person on the forums (i dont what to write so i just did this)

one of the coolest map makers here B)

a person Who is very nice and helpful to everyone in need

one person

cool builder and epic person :eye::lips::eye::+1: