Sapphiral Wheel

Sapphiral Wheel (aka neon spam) is a wheel found in only the deepest mines just close to the Core of The Earth. It is extremely rare and it is said to have a secret, unidentified power…

Price: 200 coins

Main image (eeh just neon yea didn;t have much ideas)

On avatar:

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This wasn’t really intended to get into FE2, just a quick build I made. It looks sloppy in my opinion but I don’t really know how to make it better.

don’t remake it, that looks good

thanks for the compliment, im not gonna discontinue this or anything, but it feels off for some reason

idk, may that be the deep blue

it has potential for fe2

kind of like it

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Awesome wheel! Just believe, you in Neon City with this tank, it will be awesome, right? So, I love the concept and style of this tank!

1+ vote

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heh thanks!
any suggestions?

Maybe add other color or just make all one color, I don’t have too many suggestion, because it’s already good :+1:

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Neoniral Wheel

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