Scorching Hallows (halloween map)

Status: Done
ID: 2630166004

A small house that has been abandoned not a long time ago, and the small forest surrounding it is going into deluge with random volcanic liquids with different colours filling the whole forest up.

You guessed it. A house and a hallow or forest with a swampy atmosphere.


Small facts that no one even asked for:

Feel free to record the map and give feedback.

  • Irla_stas


i’ll vote for the bones

Yo thanks!!


also what threshold did you put on your bloom effect (i know fe2 doesnt have such low b-thres like that)

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I am not so sure now

you have studio access right?

Yeah I do

the ravine was quite empty and the color choices were… odd

but other than that the detail is smooth and also consistent. voted

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If this is too hard, I might not be able to complete it before the 31st. Please tell me it’s easy! +1 vote

it can be a bit challenging in some parts but shouldn’t be painful

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I have Thursday and Friday else I’ll be late for Halloween. Wish me luck lol

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woo epic

Also just gonna say that the map is possible - Overminted verified it.


thanks :smiley:

welcome here

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tbh, I really like the hill in that picture

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I made it to the room with the wall jump button and I keep dying there aaa

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also how long is the map

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1.51 hopefully, depending how fast you are