Scripting styles

Interactive scripting

Sometimes we find a way to do… unique, things. And interactive scripting is something. What I mean is on the click of a button, the lava lowers. How do you do that?

Transformable scripting

Turning something into something else on the click of a button or at a random time, that sounds interesting. How do you script to do so?

Miscellaneous scripting

All the extra stuff to make a well-scripted map, like make an entire room change its position at the click of a button, or animate a part disappearing. How do script that?

Fade, Appear, Fall script

I know it’s a value, but I don’t know which value.


Different stuff that doesn’t require scripting.

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Is this suppose to do with the interactive script?

What is? The entire thing?

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The one you need help with

Actually, all of them. If you don’t have an answer for one, it’s not obligatory to put something for it. but yeah, I’ve been gone for a year and don’t know any of this.

But more importantly, the value you use for the main three components to make something appear, disappear, or fall. What value do you use?

And sorry if its kind of confusing, I don’t know what to write :confused:

You use a ObjectValue, name it Value, and then you see

Value: < —— this one _Fade1

Alright. But…

Do you include <------ this one

Just asking.

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No, it’s for a example.

But from what I understand, the only component you give a name to is Value, which will contain



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Yes anything like that

Alright, thanks for the help. But do you know how to do any of the other stuff that I included having to need help?

If you could give me a example of the transformable script i can, Then i’ll put it into a full script.

Oh, that’s a problem. I don’t know how to script that, unless you mean an idea of what to transform?

Also, going back to the values for a part. Does there need to be a name and a parent for the ObjectValue to work?

Plus, is the name the [_Fall1] and the value the button?

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If the part that has a ObjectValue, then you’ll need to name the part “Interactive1”. But yes.

But yes to what? The name is Interactive1? Or do you mean by interactive by Appear, Fall and Fade?

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Also, is the value the hitbox of the button?

The name is just Value, right?

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I don’t think so

Ok, because that is confusing me.

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