Scripts are broke?

I just played my map
but scripts didnt work
i mean only event script worked,
why other scripts doesnt work?
plz help me :frowning:

even i tried disable all scripts or enable all scripts
still didnt work >:(


bruh i

did you remove exitregion or exitblock
can be the problem also, make disabled eventscript and instructions

not having an exit region or block doesn’t affect your script?
also crazy removed the other types of scripts but I hear they’re back now

You can use only 2 scripts - EventScript and LocalEventScript. Others disabled

localeventscript doesn’t work anymore

Does it? i saw some maps have shake effect, you could only make it with local script

you can use in eventscript Lib.Map.LocalScript.Parent = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character lol

the localscript would be disabled though

if you put a folder apart in workspace then it’s solved

like if you put a folder in workspace (not in map-model) inside folder you put localscript then it doesn’t gets disabled i guess

how could you put it in the game’s workspace though

just select map model and folder with the localscript and it’s done

image example, just select those 2 things and upload it with the model

though how can you put the folder in the game (fe2cm)'s workspace

it’s so easy literally module/script doesn’t detect’s that because the script just look’s for parts/models/map inside, not for folders

there’s a example from EventScript: workspace.Folder.LocalScript.Parent = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character

can you show a video of this working

sure, for this example im gonna add sun rays in localscript it’s ok?

sure ig