Serene Summit ⛰ [V4 in progress]

The threevamp is here! Serene Summit is a unique mountain map. How do I know it’s unique? Because it’s shaped like an actual mountain, unlike a bunch of blocky terrain surrounded by walls.


  • Uses about 6200 parts. That’s a couple hundred more than V2, but this looks much better.
  • Uses no free models. Only a free skybox and the music obviously
  • BGM is Ruins by Toby Fox


A nicer view of the bottom

The cave with it’s V2 picture because only 2 small things changed

The view from the top. Much better than V1 and V2 but could still use improvements.

What’s different?

  • End zone is much higher and has a new rotation
  • Tree overlook is a new layout
  • Added swingy lanterns! :blush:
  • Added various little decorations like axes in logs and flowers
  • Top has been converted into a campsite

I had to delete the polls because they broke while editing. the only one I remember is gameplay being 50/50 on meh and good

Well that’s it. Thanks for reading and (maybe) playing!

I’m not a big fan of the copy-pasted decorations, maybe have a larger variety intead of resorting to the same decorations? This is pretty good though, good job.

Could you elaborate on that? Like have 3 different tree types for example?

Structures, like cabins, tents, shops, campfires, camps, treehouses, bridges, etc

Different nature and plants, such as large trees, apple trees, bushes, weeds, flowers, rocks, etc

Oh boy V3 is gonna kill me

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Hope you don’t mind the tag. But I did your suggestions!

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A bunch of tree look kinda weird for me.

That’s probably because of the tree tops colliding. I can’t do anything about that sadly


Can you take more pictures?
We can get a better view of the map if you take them in Roblox Studio

Sure! I’ll take one of the ravine in a few mins. The woods look really funky in studio because they aren’t swingy

Okay maybe in a few hours

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Oooo, lovely! I think you earned my vote!

(also: make a general post saying you revamped the map so people see it. topic is sorta dead)

I been jealous xd

I’ll do that for V4, which is gonna change more gameplay instead of just adding some decoration.
Thanks for the vote tho!

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