Shattered Dreams

Status: Under construction
Description of Map

Think of this as a piece of memory

ID: 2665482562

sommarfågel - wintergatan

Pictures / Videos of Map
First room:(100%) If extra detail (50%)

Room 2: (100% done) extra detail (50%)

Room 3: (100% done) extra detail (50%)

—It Done, there nothing else to do----
I bet u all forget about this map
welp i gonna go full force for this (no slack)


Now extra detail and fix some part of the place

What do u think the difficulty should be?

  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard (I guess I will buff)
  • Insane (I guess i create hell)
  • Crazy (Cough i think u dont want this if im building)

0 voters

Is the Map laggy than other Map on average?

  • Yes, it lag a little
  • Yes, it laggy as heck
  • Yes, it GOD TIER
  • No. Just no

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This looks ok, I dont like how you just repasted the model and changed the color palette :hushed:

Welp it a theme about dream where nightmare come after you so that why i need to have another world

Weird i clearly said do not vote? But nm

i like it ok? @tied_gamer

Rest in peace people who have their graphics at 4

That’s how you spell construction correctly, OK?

so far, the map looks pretty good! I’m sure it’ll turn out great.

Particle spam + Neon Spam + Copypasted Rooms = 1/10

particle(just to see what particle to use and wat angle to use) for now neon spam(material test)im testing right now copypasted room=just to make flood cool and show corruption upon the world

and it only wip chill (layout area)

What would it be like when
your dreaming like this?

maybe wake up in 1 second

i bet everyone forgot about this map welp i back to construct this map which take a long time…
This could be my last map so stay alert

It could be a easy or normal

Alr did a preview of this a while ago!
@tied_gamer and welcome back boi!

I build the other-side(nightmare) is hard to build 2 worlds and need to prevent overlapping

Currently, I need to decide where to put the button that could be interesting and build the 2nd room which I have a lot of ideas if you have any idea you can say and I may include it

I think this is a great map! Very detailed and I like this design. Great job, I am very much waiting for this map to be completed.

this map is very detailed, better than mine. great job!

do u still remember this?
Well it back just very non spoiler

Have to finish by this year
Pls dont just vote by just showing nothing like seriously it happen so much


i remember the images of this map
it was eternal clockwork but like changed and different colours

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well it change it not eternal clockwork pillar anymore
let say it a castle that have random piece of memory
And some future map item

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Wait this was eternal clockwork but grayscale right