Shortened ID's and the temporary notice

This is an opinion post- please be kind to each other

I’ve seen the new kinda-requirement that makes it a must to use shortened ID’s to prevent map stealing; personally I find this a decent update, besides one factor: the notice that allows you to get a short ID from the model’s number ID.

I’ve heard that it’s soon to be removed within a couple of weeks, and I’m seriously worried about this case. They are…thousands of maps that have been submitted to FE2CM, and with this thing being temporary, we are basically forced into saving almost every single ID just to play an older map. One this goes away, many, many ids may be lost and will be even harder to find/convert shortened IDs.

I feel keeping the notice would allow people like me, who don’t know every single one of my ID’s in base64, to play my maps without much effort or converting it to base64. I think that would clear up some confusion that people have trying to play 2017-2020 maps through videos and other sources of media.

How do you feel about this idea?


ok the number ids was removed weeks ago no need for this

Short ids are better since its exploit proof, and no one can use those ids to find models.

as someone who rarely plays fe2 cm i don’t have an opinion on this decision however i can see it easily being a problem

The only problem with this is that these are linear and can be reversed. It just takes longer to find its library ID.

Wait it’s linear?

this would only cause problems if implemented, and would make forgotten maps basically unplayable

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if it’s linear, then it’s definitely a useless change
it’ll be more effective if it’s another code that is generated and stored in a dedicated server so if the short id is put, then the server will find it in the database and load the map with the actual id returned by the database
but if there is a new id that is a stranger for the database, then generate a code for it

Shortened IDs are an advantage to FE2 for:

  • Less risk of stealing
  • More easier accessibility
  • Easy to convert

Shortened IDs can be gathered from old maps by saving them, but it quite causes a bit of frustration, but its worth it.

Not really my point but okay :ok_hand: