Shortie [Short Map]

Status: Not Whitelisted
ID: 5248562857
Name: Shortie
Duration: Short
Description of Map
My first map to start building;)
Pictures of Map-

ok then

the map is pretty empty but i get its your first map

try to give this map some themeing, like for example, a castle

Its your first map yes. But it needs a lot of improvement, try add like detail to the grass and stone, also remove the laser’s because it doesn’t fit.

I like the name

ik it’s first map but try to add more detail

Pretty blandish i’d say.

Need some improvements

i get it might be your first map, but please extend it and put more focus into detail next time.

Well for your first map:
Ok it’s supposed to be short but that is too short

I’m hungry for wawa

First map. Ok let me give you some tips on building.

Use wedges. (Mostly every map maker including me uses it)

Color Scheme. (I don’t know if I use this or not, bit think of a color scheme for you map, and try not to use saturated colors)

And I don’t know any more tips btw.

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Hi, thank you for giving me some tips. I will learn them soon! (Just, I am a beginner at ROBLOX Studio) And, I can’t whitelist the map due to maximum amount of whitelisted ID’s ;(

its ok! when I first got into studio, I didn’t even know how to anchor xd

also instead of having those sci-fi boxes, because you’re new to studio. I’d still be happy with just a cube for the boxes as sci-fi isn’t really for outdoor maps. Anything like lasers, usually diamond plate(depending on which type of outside map ur doing), neon, or boxes like that are removed. I can also see free models in it so again, maybe try just a stick and a square? It’ll not be a free model which is better. You can always try hard on the models or recreate that free model but yeah

Edit: Actually try spheres on a stick it will have a better result. If you want me to help or make some small improvements.


Is that tree a free model or made with a plugin

Dont vote your own map…

Me: Reads title

Also me: WHy You calL mE shOrtY, BiG meAn >:((

K it’s a joke don’t take it seriously.

Since when that was a rule? I don’t see a problem on voting for your own map. If you think it deserves a chance then you can vote for your own map.


isn’t voting your own map despised though? as, for example, it makes it easier for you to get popular map badge