Should FE1 Be Revamped to look like FE2?

Some question I’d like to answer cuz I’m bored.
It would look good, but also should be in main game (like the first server you join would be normal servers in FE2)
So FE1 would be Revamped and there will be a teleport in the game taking you to Original FE1.


Sounds like it will just waste time if the original is still there while the revamped is in another place
Also revamp it would ruin Familiar Ruins


and theres the fact that it removes the old style look of fe1. revamping some games isn’t always the best thing as it can often remove the charm that the game may have. same goes for fe1.

this is super pointless

Tradition of flood escape will perish. Lifts would be then portals. And the game will become unoriginal.

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It’s a very old game, and I personally would like to keep it that way.

Yes, it does need bug fixes and blah-blah, but I would like to keep it in it’s original state.

Yes Yes yes

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Crazyblox updates FE2 more often than FE1