Should FE1 have a 2012-2013 version of it?

(Yeah it’s the 3rd post I’m making on this category.)

Sometimes I wish FE1 had a 2012-2013 RETRO version added to FE1. It would be pretty cool in my opinion. The only way I know to play those versions is by playing old and broken FE1 copies from like 2013-2014. Though I really wish there was an official version by Crazy.

Now it’s time for you to choose; Do you agree or not?

  • Yes, I do.
  • Nah, not really.
  • Maybe, not sure.

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I started playing Roblox in 2016 with one of the first games I played being Fe1.

I know that there was a retro gamemode, don’t know if it’s still in the game

i feel like somebody is forgetting about retro

retro is 2011, i wanna see a 2012-2013 version of it

2012-2013 contains a different lobby and other stuff

isn’t it just today but with more stud parts and less maps?


the lobby is the one in that “fe1 2013 memories remain” post

look i haven’t been playing roblox since 1324 so i don’t know what it looks like smh

i also don’t wan’t to be rude saying this

roblox wasn’t created in 1324 what

i was over exaggerating lmao

i have NOT either

i have been playing since 1420!!!

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I’ve played some older versions on Finobe. (On 2012 Client)

But don’t know which version I played. Because most of them look identical or copies.

the 2012-2013 version of fe1 would just be all of the sections currently in the game but a lot worse
there’s really no point or novelty to it

:clap: bruh :clap: revive