Should i even try to keep making maps (INCULDES DRAMA)

If you want to know how this happen go to: Poison Laboratory (WIP) - #30 by Eruption (mods do not close this please)…

Lets start with the beginning

The beginning..

So 4 or 3 years ago I joined The Community of fe2 forums And met some people that were really nice! and good… Until an couple weeks ago or months I posted an post about an dev team And asked for people to join… But this was starting to be chaos real quick and I mean real quick.

Before I get into the next one if you do not like drama then do not click on the next page Mods I’m just explaining of what I did wrong and what I should to do to stop it

Drama Of Me and the dev team

Everything was going great until I brought on zolborg. I tooken him a bit serious and started to delete everyone’s hard work And Eruption and others couldn’t take it anymore. And I got bit toxic with Eruption. He left the group to work with ultra and techy to build Lakeside Infiltration

(Witch you should really check out: [UPDATE] Lakeside Infiltration)

Anyways back to this They left and the others left with them. I really don’t know what happen to them
And yeah…

Before i get into my last one to let you know you should support @Techychello2075, @ultrasonic19999 , @Eruption They are really good and a bit better than me you should follow them and give votes to their map

Ending of my story..

So yeah if you made it this far good job you made it to the end of my story and drama and setbacks
So your prob asking your self well. Cody what will you do next since everyone hates you from the community and your friends are all gone

Well I might try hard and put out an map I hope… if not then you might see me working on other stuff
And If there’s one thing I would love to do well is to go back in time and save my friendship with eruption. Because eruption felt like an friend and i feel like an such bad person for acting toxic to him

So I hope you seen my story… I might put an map out i might not it depends if i have an enough power and strength…

God bless all of you and see yall soon!

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and the megacollab situation, i still dont understand why was it canceled

The one with bluirr?

the one you hosted

If that one then someone hacked the id (like swaped)

And that one i just felt like the megacollab wasnt nice for like me and yeah… i might just do like 6 players not mega mega collabs

No need to make this public. Please keep it private and off the forums unless it’s rule breaking, thank you.