Should I keep the lights wobbling?

Should I keep the lights wobbling or anchored? Because I’m not sure if I should make this difficult or easier because it’s more realistic if the lights are wobbling but it’s much easier if the lights weren’t so you don’t have to stress about falling off…

NOTE: Room is still work in progress.
Video: Example of the Wobbling Lights

  • Wobbling lights
  • I don’t know.
  • Anchored lights

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And yes, the 3rd roped light is unanchored. It just isn’t wobbling.

That’s your decision.

True, but I’d like to hear other’s opinions, and I don’t want others to be saying that they want it to be anchored because they want it to be easier, I just want people’s honest opinions.

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wobbling would make it look more destroyed

Well, I kind of did update them, but never really posted it. Might edit post with different recording though.

Are the lights supposed to be platforms? If yes, anchor them

A quick little FYI to everyone viewing this thread, the lights are obstacles. I’m asking, should I make it a bit harder and kind of stressful or make it easier?

What difficulty is the map?

Not sure. Although, I am probably going to do Normal or Easy, somewhere there.

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Easy is too light on a broken facility

True. But like I said, I’m not sure because I need to beat it myself.

What’s wobbling?

shaking around (mostly slightly and with some easing)

Also it depends on the gameplay @Atronal
If the lights are the part of gameplay, or can be touch, then don’t anchor.
Otherwise leave them like that