Should I make a fanmade FE1 maptest?

Multiple people on this forum have asked for a FE1 maptest, but most people have said that this would be extremely unlikely. Usually, this is where fan games come into place. Fan games usually attempt to do what official devs would never do. Maybe if I make a fan test, people will be happier.

If the explanation is too complex, just answer this poll.

Should I make an unofficial FE1 maptest?
  • Yes, it’s part of my dream!
  • Yeah, go ahead.
  • Honestly, I don’t really care.
  • No, thank you.
  • No, never do it. Not once in my life will I want a FE1 fangame, there’s already like a yicfyghujillion of them.

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If you really wanna make a Community Maps variant of FE1, be sure to make it look like it belongs!

Crazy did actually made FE1 Map Test.

Sadly the game is abandoned :pensive:

I started making an FE1 map test a while back, then forgot about it. Lol

I guess I’ll start work.

may i help?

Sure, what’s your username?


Request sent.

if this is about team create, you don’t need to

Seems interesting I guess you should do it :+1:

Also how would this work?

Also Crazy made a map kit for FE1 lol.

Try modifying it btw. Since it has Blocky vents.

Also each room will equal 1 map.

Can it like be sorted tho?

Room 1, Room 2, Room 3 categories of maps. (Yes all the rooms are in different sizes.)

I’ll probably make a map for it to see if it works well.

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we may make an extreme room map kit too :flushed:

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ye, it can be sorted


Did this get discontinued

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Possibly did since I heard no progress on it’s development