Should I make a map that requires 20 players to beat? (Old post, pls don't revive)

A full VIP server is required to beat it. Also the map will contain 20 different maps from Flood Escape 2 (I have to remake them) Each map will have 1 button.

Should I make it?

  • Yes
  • No

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Make it in collab?

  • Yes, make the map in collab.
  • No, Work on the map by yourself.

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Made this topic because I’m bored.

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20 players?! Isn’t that a bit too much? Two or three players is fine, but a full VIP server? I don’t really think that it should be that many…

Also how will you be execute a map with 20 players? I’m assuming 20 different paths or just a script. 20 different maps from the game in one does seem pretty cool. Maybe tone it down with “20 players” and maybe make two or three. Either way, it’s a cool idea.


I’m thinking the difficulty would be beyond Crazy if that was so. It would only be able to be beaten in chaos servers. Its a pretty cool idea, but too hard to archive and defeat. Maybe you should wait for a while.

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Voted my own poll cuz I can’t see who voted.

This looks epic of a idea, but 20 players seems a lot.

Sounds like an interesting concept

You should have it so every single person spawns in a glass chamber or pipe, and then the floor beneath them falls and you have to press 1 button in the room that they get dropped in.

Here’s a crappy drawing of what I mean. It’s just a suggestion.

Noice idea :eyes:

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how do you test it then

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Beat every single map area solo in studio.
1 by 1

How to get full VIP server?
This map will play no one
Only if TwistedPandora or Math bc they can get full server

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only famous map makers/youtubers will get a full server, so i doubt anybody would play this map except the big big youtubers. :rofl:

Maybe, I’ll try make something similar to this like what @aliaka said, how they drop in chambers.

That will prevent from most players to play the map

A collab would be a way to make a project easier.

If I make this in collab. That means I need 19 people to help me on it.

Or not just like a bunch of people

I just got @'ed. Grrrr…