Should I release this map?

So, I have been currently working on a map. The map is almost finished, but I don’t really like it.
Can you help me decide if I should release it. Please use your actual opinion, and don’t vote yes just to make me happy.

The ID for the map is just my testing ID.


Here is also an video of the map from Zyke, Aka N4kt. The map was bugged at the time
so some of the lava didn’t work, though I fixed it.

  • Yeah.
  • No.

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You should detail it more first and then release it
Looks amazing ngl
One of the rooms remind me of Tria resurgo lol

Yes! You should release your map. It looks amazing and I like the how map looks.
I hope you can finish your map! :+1:

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What is the music called ? I remember it from a Star Glitcher lol.
EDIT : now I remember the name yay, it’s servants of the scourge

Th is star glitcher

I sent you a message so it’s not offtopic here