Should I remake any of my old maps?

If you dunno who I am or what the maps are:

I’m a guy who made 6 FE2 maps back in 2017-2018, and most of them were made in a couple of days (and certainly look the part), though have managed to get attention somewhat by older players, and thought it was time to do them some justice.
Note that these IDs no longer work. They were made THAT long ago.


I know there are some people who’ve claimed that they wanna try remaking some of these maps themselves, and I wholeheartedly welcome the idea and effort. Though I wonder what would happen if I tried remaking the maps myself, and if you guys would wanna see me try after the newest map of mine, Ocean Palace. Feel free to pick more than 1 at a time.

  • Royal Serpent Tomb
  • Aquatic Lab
  • Volcanic Valley
  • Flash Flood
  • Colonial Mishaps
  • Disco Disaster
  • Don’t consider it at all. Let other people try it instead.

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Feel free to discuss why you want the map(s) that you chose down below. I’ll be watching.

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one map id like to see is aquatic yes
I dont really see a reason to revamp colonial, it lookx good already


volcanic has reasons for revamping

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Royal Serpent Tomb definitely needs a revamp. It’s still a cool map though!

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idea make colonial mishaps 2d cause s o n i c
jk lol

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Even if you revamp colonial mishaps pls keep the original one

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Of course. All of the original maps will still be there.

all of the maps need some sort of a revamp

CM really needs a revamp. It seriously does look ugly.

Yes! Remaking an old map is a really fun thing to do, and it could bring nostalgia! Everyone will enjoy your original maps, and play it with the fun gameplay. :+1:

and it could bring nostalgia might be correct

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Oh, right! Thanks for fixing the words. :+1: :sweat_smile:

It’s looking like Royal Serpent Tomb is going to be a definite must here.

pls next will be disco DISASTER.

Well, I am working on it somewhat, but it may take some time as I’m doing work for another game and that game takes priority.