Should I revive this old map idea?

So basically it’s lava tower, but in a volcano.

So here is the info about the map.
It’s the first map idea that I got in my head when I found map test in like late 2018, and never made that map.

The map tower is basically lava tower.

The map is supposed to aim at insane difficulty until right now, the intended difficulty is crazy.

The map name is Volcano Eruption Tower but might be changed to Volcanic Eruption.

The map only has lava and increases speed every 20 seconds.

Gameplay will be kinda rigged. Also some pieces of the tower will probably fall.

So uhh yeah, a challenge map will come soon even if it’s an old idea by me.

So uhh should I make this map?

  • Yes
  • No

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Ok then, so here is the map info.

Map name: Volcanic Eruption
Difficulty: Crazy (Insane before the new difficulty)
Map Id: 5314672078 (Currently Not Whitelisted)
Temp Id: 3664854021
Creator, It’s obviously me.

Extra Info about the temp id

Ok, the id is what I use mainly for testing early maps or upcoming maps by me. If people are saying that, Where is the map?
Well, maps in the id usually get removed because the map model of that map as been whitelisted.

So uhh if you are asking for collab, well sorry so it’s a no since I said I’m never doing collabs from people. Unless I know them, made their first map by themselves, and experienced with studio.

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More votes and please give feedback and stuff.

pictures (if you have any)?

I haven’t really started working on the map, but I’m gonna go ahead start.

ok here are the first pictures of the map.

I should probably make a dev post on this map to show development of this map.

So uhh, Id for the map? Umm no. Probably wont release it until the map is finished, and this map isnt whitelisted yet.

This map has some shortcuts I found during testing (in studio) and Decided to patch them.

So far, the gameplay is fine, no rigged gameplay at all.


i hate how the new fog looks like, it would have looked way better with the old fog system
tho this is actually bliss

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Ok, I have tested the map in map test, but I gotta say something about the map…

The difficulty will be extreme, its because I wanted to make one of the most hardest maps in FE2, and I never made the map until now.

So uhh the gameplay will not be rigged with thin jumps, so instead, long jumps…

First, the area you see in the pictures, umm, the gameplay may seem simple, but its not really simple. The first area requires luck or speed. So this map will require speed.

If you want to test it or something, the id should be this: 3664854021

Since I said I tested it, the map is not marked for testing.

So people can play it. I don’t plan nerfing the gameplay. Because this map requires speed. also I’ll patch shortcuts by moving them or can-collide false for ldm mode.

colliding worlds is gonna cry

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Ok, so the main Id for the map is now gonna be whitelisted, which means the temporary Id will be removed soon (you can still use the id, but doesnt load the map in because it’s moved to the main Id.)

I still have other maps to whitelist and some aren’t whitelisted or not even a model.

i like it, it looks really nice for a MapTest map. fingers crossed crazyblox sees this!

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I might make Insane-Crazy maps for now. Since those difficulties are for attention.

Or I’ll just keep making maps on all difficulties. Which most likely I’ll do.

Ok some stuff.

I am going to be silent for all my upcoming maps (Water Pump Facility, Mechanical Industry, Treacherous Mines, etc)

Since I am trying to play FE2 more, I’ll play until I get 1 rebirth.

I’ll still use studio, but I won’t play map test (Until I reach the goal in FE2 which is rebirth)

Idk why I am doing this, but I’ll still join map test at some times.

So all my upcoming maps will probably have no word on them (Except for remakes)

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