Shutdown Not working?

Map Id: 1890821382
Note: Why doesn’t the map shutdown work???

Also im using by brother’s account if you didnt know.

The map was not grouped, which has been happening for many maps so far.

i think the map confused the system if it’s a single map or not, idk)

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yeah crazy’s not paying attention on single maps :confused:

crazy doesnt choose if the map can be played or not.

the map isnt grouped. Tony may not be able to upload it since of the Asset Configuration bug.

Same thing happened to Speedbreaker

it probably isnt grouped because grouping it would cause MASSIVE lag spikes

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such as P.LU.G. too

omg i gotta tell YUYO fast

Alright so I would make a theory out of this

Part Limit Theory
there’s a part limit for maps in map test and when it’s over the part limit, the game refuses to load the map


the map has to be grouped to work.

If the map isn’t grouped, then it would be broken just like other maps that don’t have eventscript at Oct. 15, 2018