Similar Rooms (Discontinued / Inactivity)

Status: Whitelisted, gathering support

Description of Map
This was one of my 1st maps, I decided to revamp it some weeks ago. This will be the last Extravaganza map I’m making cause it’s un-original.

This map is simple, you go through the official FE2 maps. Also this used BGMTriggers, which I found on a free model back then in October 2018.

ID: 2500788253

Creators: federoblox244 & KamikzeMelon

Pictures / Videos of Map-

1st room - Old Cave System

2nd room - Abandoned Facility

3rd room - Infiltration [really cramped lol]

4th room - Familiar Ruins

5th room - Beneath the Ruins

6th room - Sinking Ship [Will add more details]

7th room - Dark Sci-Forest [will try to make the Dark Sci-Forest trees, I’m bad at making trees, oof]

8th room - Lost Desert [old ver] [pretty bad remake xd]

------- POLLS ------

What map should be in this next?

  • Castle Tides
  • Decrepit Seas
  • Lost Woods
  • Wild Savannah
  • Another FE2 map [Tell me in the topic]

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omg these are familiar

i played this map back when there wasn’t the Lost Desert part

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ogm so familiar 11!1!

oh yes!!111!

ok then “TThis”

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bad. but pretty good for a remake xd


also you should see the older version b4 calling this bad xddxd


No castle tides, no voto. :eye::lips::eye:

ok jolluilluminati its your turn

and dont make this become the rareheaddress map mix ok


crazyblox map mix

but it has r a r e h e a d r e s s

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federoblox244’s map mix


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but you gay ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

how do i build tides castles

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can you give me the bgm trigger model pl0x

i just copied and pasted it from the map,

just make a can collide off part then put a NumberValue and name it BGM

then put the ID

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oh wow it’s that simple

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