[SKIN] air

Why need an air bubble when you can become AIR.


becoming invisible and no one will see you

not invisible, you become air

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I think, that’s a good skin for FE2.

why is my eyes tripping me?

Oh, I didn’t notice that you’re signed up on this forum. Also, welcome to the forum community!

Thank you for making this, it actually matches my username

tbh joke submissions are illegal

It’s not a joke, it uses broken meshes to create this illusion

i signed up to forum community

me? lol i joined really far then

Yeah, you.

i mean, u can just
die without seeing ur body xdd

To prove that it’s not a picture of nothingness, I provide you with the properties of the package

Ghost Players option will be useless now


Imagine if you equipped air skin but you realize you still have accessories equipped on Roblox.

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skins remove your accessories wdym

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Oh, right.

They can still see you if they’re spectating.