[SKIN] | Shattered School Girl (Version 0.1)

So since I was a big jerk, I decided to make a skin. I know most people don’t like skins, but I just wanted to make this for fun. Keep in mind this is my first time making a skin so it may have mistakes. Please let me know if it needs any changes!

Price: 750 Coins

You don’t know how she really is on the inside. Maybe her disintegrating wings can help her get back on her feet.

Note: This post and the skin was lazily made.

sailor moon?
this looks actually cool

lol how did you know

Any changes I need to make?

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Really nice!

neh. looks actually good
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I don’t know if materials are allowed in skins but I might keep it for now until I get more information on how skins work.

I like the wings details, also this really look an anime girl or something like that (I only watch the hello kitty anime, sorry).

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Yes this is an anime girl. Originally it was something else but I had to change it to this since I couldn’t find any good shirts or pants.

Okay currently trying to fix the position of the accessories because every time I exit the place, they get messed up. Only have the wings to do, which will be a pain.

also ignore the figures in the back, they were used for the accessories’s position.

this looks pretty cool, the skin looks pretty clean also

I like the wings

Oh I forgot to add a price! For the price, since it’s not something that huge, it could be like 750 coins to maybe about 1000. But I might choose 750 coins since it’s a lot more reasonable.

Tested it out with y3_th’s Item Testing Kit, works like a charm.

Did you just stole that wing from UGC?

How is it stealing? You do realize that skins from FE2 have assets from the Roblox catalog right? It’s not stealing if skins from FE2 literally have items from the catalog in the game.


I don’t think blox knows that we don’t have UGC perms

Isn’t there something called remaking?

Okay revival of the fittest. I’m gonna update the hair texture and remake the UV Map in blender because it’s so triggering and offputting.

Hey guys, is this texture more clean and does it fit more with the hair’s flow?

If you are wondering, yes the hair texture is actually from another hair because the original texture for this hair doesn’t fit and is way too purple.

Tbh I like this texture :P