[SKIN] Tofu Escapee SET

Sup gamers, back at it again with another, skin review

Escape floods as your favorite flavor of tofu


Flan Escapee

Konjac Escapee

Tofu Escapee

Uiro-Mochi Escapee

Annin Tofu Escapee

Not another RE2 reference


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Very weirdly good

Over sized arm or leg

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C r e a t i v e

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its just a dummy arm resized

Or in other words a default robloxian arm.

But hey it’s good. :+1:

(And for the love of god take this as a joke, I’m getting taunted by people for making minor funny jokes, please take this as a joke and not a hate comment oh my god I’m gonna lose my mind.)

where is luscious landing and flood golf and northern workshop and workshop breakout and the clubhouse tho

I bet your next set will be spheres that covers all your body parts


An Smooth Block…

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the hats are funny

absolutely phenomenal