Slate Forest | Remaster

Status: Gathering Support

Description of Map
A remake + remaster of another Dr_Right2 map, Slate Forest! We started working on this yesterday after a long time of inactivity. This was created by a group of people, The Classic Creators:


ID: 4367161358 (note you can max time, be really fast)
Music: Waterflame - Time Machine [cut]

Pictures / Videos of Map-

We hope you enjoy the map! :+1:


This looks really good! I’m guessing from the last pic, this is still wip?

Looks cool I think I remember playing this for some reason.

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Epic :tm:

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it’s a remake, it isn’t; we’re adding details still though, alongside vis fixing the script (i think)

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not bad

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if you’ve played fe2 in 2017, you’ve probably played it

and i’m sure mikey has showed it like 2 times already


it wasnt slate

it looks pretty good so far, but the last 3 pictures have an unpassable lack of detail

and yes i know this is work in progress but i’ll still vote

It’s technically finished, we will add detail along the way.


I have to add a disclaimer that this map isn’t original and we just made a remaster of another map lol, forgot about that

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ok now this is good

this lighting rhro

Trust me, it’s different when you actually play it

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Funny thing is in video is saying Slate Forset lol

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Update: map has been fixed but you exceed time

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Bypass max time go brrrr

jk lol


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ggggg xd