Slimy Escape

Status: Gathering Support
ID: Not available yet
creators: denisuu (me)
Name: Slimy Escape
Progress: 40%

(first room photos)

pictures and videos be like:


huh i thought there were images in here, i took my schizo pills after reading it then came back here and they’re gone?

the images

are wonderful

wow beautiful map! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Coming soon

Is this a movie theathre?

still have a lot to do on the map, as soon as I finish a room Imma post the picture here don’t worry

not anymore :slight_smile:

Looking great so far, Keep up the good work!

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I recommend adding some wedges to the corners of the rooms, it can help on design and will keep a nice flow. I can’t wait to see the final results of this!

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Will take some time to finish, gotta do 4 more rooms + scripting.

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Sounds like it could take a bit to do, but I bet it’ll be great when it’s finished!

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do people still make fun of people for having images glitched

i think its still february 28 2019

no there weren’t images at all before