Snowy Island ❄

General: Hello, it’s me and this is an snow update in 2020!

Description: The map is an update in Christmas 2020, it’s a really cool map. The map have 1 cave, 1 lava and some scifi parts.

Difficulty: Normal
By: JapolakXD789 and N/A

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ID: 3783229441


looks… eh
first of all please improve the trees cause i dislike them right now.

big ego moment :egg:


this gives me piggy vibes i don’t know why

I dislike the screen alot ngl also change the trees pl0x
The map looks more like an easy than a normal ngl

that tv ruins the mood but really kuul

why are you making posts of other people’s maps lol


The details are meh, you can improve them adding fog and others things.

But, I’ll only vote because it’s really polygon, and I like it.