Snowy Mountains [30 VOTES!] ❄

Snowy Mountains :snowflake:

Status: Whitelisted/Finished, Playable, Now on TQ:FE
Difficulty: Easy
Buttons: 5
BGM: Snowy Peaks - Side B OST (Made by @DominoContributing)
Old BGM: Winter Frost
Map ID: 4288451476

Update Logs

What’s New?

Version 1.0.0

January 4th, 2020

  • Map Released
Version 1.0.3

May 20th, 2020

  • Logs, rocks, arrows and paths added
  • Redesigned Trees
  • Fog & Ambient Color changes
  • Glowing Buttons

August 27/28th, 2020

  • Updated Music

Description :scroll:
Snowy Mountains has been finally released and ready to play! :+1:

This is my fourth map that is a snowy, winter themed map called Snowy Mountains. I’m very excited and hyped to see that Snowy Mountains has been finished.
It’s very inspiring and really fun to finish the progress, and I hope that everyone will enjoy the gameplay! :smile:

Pictures :camera_flash:

Videos :video_camera:

Version 1.0.0

(Version 1.0.0) Recorded by @magicalbunny31

(Version 1.0.0) Recorded by @Fopdooodle

Version 1.0.3

There are no versions about the version yet! Check back soon.

This is amazing.
Voted immediately


Yes! Another nice map by a very good map creator.

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O wow
Snowy peaks 2
You should use Dominoes Snowy Peaks Side B


wow this is really good :smiley:

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Thank you for your vote! :+1:

Thank you! I’m glad to appreciate it. :smile:

Really good map! Though it’s similar to snowy peaks.

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Thank you! It’s inspired to look like Snowy Peaks, which is a reference to FE2. :+1:

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Looks a bit like snowy peaks and winter wonderland by dr_right2

Very good but idk about the outside terrain.
Trees kinda look unnatural but still cool.
I like the use of SelectionBoxed boxes and platforms there. + 1 votus

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looks cool, however the trees are too pointy
1 vote

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Actually I’d like to see what this sounds like with my version of snowy peaks, this looks awesome


Thank you! I’ll place the audio to your version of Snowy Peaks. :+1:

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Thank you! :+1:
The trees looks the same as Forest Field, but I’ll make the trees natural in the next update. :smile:


Thank you! I’m glad to appreciate it. :smile:
I will make the trees to look natural in the next update. :+1:

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Is it only me or are pine trees the easiest to make
change my mind

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the map looks pretty well uh outdated. the trees are lazily made, and this refers to rareheaddress style which in my opinion is pretty lazy. it looks way too similar to Snowy Peaks. also no need to ping domino lol

Very nice!

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Don’t worry! The trees looks the same as Forest Field, which will have changes in the next update. :+1:

Getting inspiration from the style is inspiring and fun to make, and it’s great to get inspiration! :smile:

Thank you, I appreciate it! :+1:

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