❄ Snowy Panic [26 VOTES]

Map Information:
Status: Finished, Whitelisted, Gathering Support
ID: 3459140259
Difficulty: Hard
OST: Waterflame - Snow!


You’re a test subject for a new game. You and some other people are put in a facility for testing the map choosing system.

The system starts up

Everything seems to be going well, until you realize that not only the other people in the room disappeared, but the people that have been experimenting on you also disappeared.

You panic, as the realization that you can’t be protected if anything else goes wrong sinks in.

Sometime passes and you’ve relatively calmed down.

Hoping that this will work, you decide to try and finish the map.

A little bit of trivia:

What inspired me to create this map?
When i found out that Autumn Bridge was accepted, i got inspired to create my own map.
I also had inspiration from Snowy Peaks, Snowy Mountains and for the cave portion generally the cave parts in Inocular’s maps.
But in short: If it wasn’t for Phexonia this map wouldnt be here right now.

Fun Fact: This is the first map i’ve ever fully finished.
I’ll try to finish as many maps as possible from now on.

Fun Fact no. 2: This map was originally supposed to be an easy map.
Until i tested it with a few friends and they told me it isn’t exactly a beginner friendly map.
Fair enough i guess

Map Video:

Map Images:

Section 1: (Main Snowy Area)

Section 2: (Cave Section 1)

Section 3: (Cave Section 2)

Section 4: (Cave Tower | Final Room)

Thanks for reading!(。^▽^)/

the white fog makes the lighting looks a little weird since it’s mostly dark or some sort…

anyways good enough for a vote i guess!!


maybe the lava should have some kind of light glowing out of it, otherwise it looks kinda awkward

same for the lights in the 4th section

I mean you don’t need surfacelight for all water blocks but this is a dark map so lighting is really important

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k so i tried doing some stuff here
changed the ambient since if i wouldnt the red light would turn out purple
honestly i prefer the old one, but if you guys like this one more then i will go for it

nicely done!

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I like that map name lol


Looks cool, but I don’t like the lava color, maybe replace it with another texture or change the color.

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theres no escape
the snow is too strong

maybe change lava colour to blue?

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the backtracking idea is smart but add group buttons so that more people can’t stay at the start of the map

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Awesome map! This map is easily one of my favorites to play right now, and I can see why, but there are a few things that may need to change:

  • I suggest changing the color for the lava, it’s not bad right now, but it’s not exactly pleasing nor fitting to be honest.
  • Final lava is way too fast for a hard, and comes up too early for that sort of speed. Either slow it down, or delay the eventstring longer.
  • Backtracking is a great idea in concept, but there needs to be more group buttons for more of an incentive to go get them.
  • I also suggest nerfing the wood plank jumps, since they’re currently at the same difficulty of an insane, maybe even a crazy map.
  • In a group test, I found it extremely difficult to actually make it to the final room, especially if the server isn’t very amazing/experienced to begin with. Like I stated in the second point, the eventstring needs to probably be slowed down/delayed more. Currently, it’s on the same plain as an insane/crazy map, where you basically cannot make any mistakes at all, or you’re dead, even in a group, which isn’t right for a hard map.

I’ll try to find more to add, but otherwise I love the terrain in this map, and it feels like a map in FE2. You get my vote, easily! :+1:


Feedback time:

Maybe the red lava could be changed to blue or something bluish, since red doesn’t really fit the atmosphere around the map

The lights in the temple looking sections don’t fit at all, perhaps torches or lanterns could do the trick

Make this platform a little bit more less-pointy I guess

The wedges in the corners seems too small, they could be a bit more larger

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This map definitely interesting, the overlapping paths can be a good way of introducing new gameplay to flood escape. However, I think that there are some issues on this map that should be fixed.

  1. The truss at the beginning is a plus in case you fall, however it is too far away for some parts of the map. I would add another truss somewhere between the door and the 4th button. This is the main reason why I couldn’t complete this map, I kept missing the final jump back.
  2. The detail is repetitive. This map looks too much like snowy peaks. You could try adding more unique details, but I think “snowy mountain” is an overused theme and you should choose something else. Since the song has to do with the holidays, you could turn it into a more christmasy map.
  3. While this isn’t necessary, one thing to keep in mind is the amount of lazy people this map can create. You don’t want the 2nd button platform becoming a Wild Savannah spawn situation.
  4. The water shouldn’t all rise at once. You should have it rise to make it seem more threatening, for example, while the 4th and 5th buttons are being pressed, the water should flood the spawn. This might mean changing some elevations of items.
    If you have any questions regarding this, you can find me on discord @Gearworkz#4698
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Ok so I really don’t get why the cave looks like a facility.

Also the trees look kinda… off. I really can’t tell why, I just find them pretty weird. I guess I’m just used to the FE1 trees and pine trees.


So I played the map

I have two things

The wall jump to the ladder part could be easily messed up on. I would recommend changing the gameplay in that part

The lava rises too fast



How is this gaining votes so fast lol

quite a lot of them are normal people
im sort of skeptical on the yoshi pfp but it might be me

im skeptical on funny_group_gaming and deenoverunya, they only joined to vote this map lol


The map is nice, but the gameplay is just pretty bad imo. The final lava rises way too fast for a hard, not to mention, the spawn/1st room is bad too, I recommend shorten it to somewhere a minute long for the 1st room and atleast 30 seconds for the cave room. Also add some more detail to the 1st room. Overall, Good map. 6.66/10

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