So I made a M.H. Upgrader of Maps

Hello there, Liam here and welcome to my topic. I created this topic because I have a Upgrader created and I think It’s coming for the M.H. Game.

If you don’t know what M.H. then I’ll show you for a game. Because M.H. is a Roblox Game, tinycreators(creator of DSF Revamp) is there too.

This is the game I’m talking about.
This game also has a Wiki.'s_Haven_Wikia!

Okay, first. I’ve made an upgrader and it’s from the Lighthouse by Guest34501, and you can make money on a game with that. But not in real life of course.

Here is the link: Lighthouse
This is what I made.

By the way, it has NO stolen models. Because you can have this model for FREE but if you want to make your own upgrader then you have to use a kit first and then you can see what tier it gets. But Bereza can have models and then add them in this game. You don’t know what tier it will be, but a lot of people still play this game. And that’s why, this game is FUN. Even the one made by Bereza. If you made it right, Bereza MAYBE will go to this upgrader you made YOURSELF. Would be added.
This is the model you can have, but it does have SETTINGS and HITBOXES. Check out what MinersHavnUncopyLock made, with so many models helping you make BETTER upgraders.

You can also create your OWN game, but it’s in Roblox’s DevForum.


Miner’s Haven Kit:

Miner’s Haven Wiki:'s_Haven_Wikia!

Miner’s Haven (Making your own Games):

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Thanks for reading my topic.

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played miner’s haven before

Eh I don’t care about the game anymore since I sacrificed twice already and there’s no more replay value imo


Idk but the upgrader should look more cool

Like the lighthouse being the upgrader instead of the the arches being the upgrader (it’s better)

thing is not everyone who plays mh plays FE2 so some people might not get the reference

This is a mediocre M.H upgrader, because there’s anothers very detailed, but this looks so cool, not too basic and not too detailed, i like it :+1:

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i see the lighthouse style you went for with the lights

Yes I notice that, Az_etox