Soap for oof

Item: Soap : tank basically
Des: for people who can’t win a round of flood escape, here’s some soap before your oofing. Also a gift for BigBoi :slight_smile:

How’s your day going so far?

Price: FREE!!!

i wonder what it’s made of…

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Man, it’s been a long time since a last went on this website

Also, bigboi is no more sadly :’(

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What happened?

He quit the forums. He might come back, but i’m not sure

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Oh, that’s sad

I’m guessing he lost interest in map making or wanted to do other projects

Maybe he went to college early

Oh college, I see. This reminds me of the creator of prison life

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So, uh, do you watch MrBeast?

Well, I hope he’s doing well there

Yes I do

Yes I do watch

I do too. I’m watching his “Free car dealership” video right now

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I watched that already :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, BigBoi quit the forums and we talked on Disc about it, he said he’s not planning to return soon.

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