Solace Waterfalls (Hard) by TheSuperGerard

Solace Waterfalls

ID: 5429607498 / iro-0d1

Creator: TheSuperGerard

Difficulty: Hard

Time Limit: 2:00 (1:20 by playing it).

Description of Map:
This is a map based on landscapes from Taiwan, it has some “Pink Salmon” with “Grey” designs, some flowers, gems, and it also has big waterfalls in the background. It has 1 “Wall Jump Part” and 1 “Sliding Part”, and theres not a “Zipline Part” or an “Air Bubble”. You can also play it with the “Rescue Mission”.

Pictures / Videos of Map:

Hey this isn’t bad

Looks good.
More pics maybe?

self voting isnt a very liked thing here, people will annoy you about it.

map itself looks good, could use some more pictures, and lighting can be improved, doesnt look bad though, good job!

The map has a special effect if you play it with high graphics.

not everybody can run high graphics. also the map is impossible (pretty sure)

No, I tested it.

It looks neat, could use more details though. (Apologies for the lack of criticism, I’m extremely tired.)

Ehh most people stopped caring when they realized it wasn’t a huge deal as they used to make it.



me omw to self vote all my maps

Sorry but he didn’t self vote

like bruh what🤨

he unselfvoted

but I removed it.


I have some good points about this map and some criticism about this map.

good points that I saw with this map is… that being of the lava falling from the sky and coming back up, some sections (like the underwater section and center-area) having some thought and the barriers that keep people inbounds while simple has some nice looking waterfalls scattered around.

my criticism is that the level difficulty is quite inconsistent (like getting to the 3rd button compared to the 5th) as well as the lack of direction at times(like the first wall jump, it looks like you could just jump up to the ladder). and a poor gameplay loop when failing a jump at the beginning, no way to climb back up or die quickly, waiting up to 10 seconds for the map to kill you isn’t that nice

well done for what has been done for this map and I hope you enjoy your stay in the community

Denser fog, greener outdoor ambient, maybe a small blur and then it might look good
add some waterfall particles to the waterfall

This is very o

just played it this sucks

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Maybe add some more terrain or structures? There’s a lot of empty space

ez lol!1!!

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