Space Injury

Status: Whitelisted, Gathering Support, Updates Coming

Description of Map
Another space map but… Easy? First the map looked a little meh. But then i worked on it a bit more and looks a little better. Not the best but hope you like it. You end up in a flooding space ship with broken pipe and water systems. You need to make your way out through the only escape pod left in the ship. (Maybe i will make a Crazy map sequel.)

v1.1 - Updated crates, fixed a few lightning glitches and nerfed the water.
v1.2 - Made better walls and floor on the map’s design and fixed some offsets.
v1.3 - Added a bit more detail to the map, made ending room better.
V1.4 - Added a few detail improvements and filled out some missing parts.

OST: Interstellar - S.T.A.Y. Soundtrack Remix. - 1708529936 (The original is copyrighted so i had to find a remix, im sorry.)
Map ID: s6el3k1

Pictures / Videos of Map-

This looks good for a start! I need more photos to make an actual review but gj so far.

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Reminds me of Lost In Space by EletricSpade

Tysm! If you need any more data, you can just play the map: 6153046668

Idk i just had an idea to make a space map… didn’t really think about that one.

this reminds me of 2017-2018 maps a hell lot
it could def use some more detail but it’s a good start

same dude

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also are the trees free models inside the 2nd pic? it hella looks the same as the one used in lost islands by phanvan1219

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Yes they are free models, idk how to make a tree lol.

dude a tree is like very simple

I’ve done one in Rainstorm Hollow and it turned out good.

Well i can’t seem to be able to do it for some reason, i tried. :frowning:

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Ok! I played the map and I have some criticism.

I really like the gameplay, it’s fitting and it’s nice.

but maybe?

  • Nerf the water a bit.

  • Add arrows, since the map was sorta confusing. Put osme in the swimming section.

  • Work on detailing, it could def use some more work.

  • Maybe add some blue fog?

  • Some lighting would be nice too.

  • Lower the thickness on boxes.

The gameplay is good, though its a bit unclear and the design can use some work.

Design: 3/10
Gameplay: 7.5/10
Overall: 5

You got great potential!

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Thank you for the review! I was thinking about nerfing the water a bit, since it’s an easy map. I will try working on the design later on too, a bit of fog will do pretty good but not too much. Also the actuall “lights” don’t emit light, the blue bars do. I made the boxes myself i swear i didn’t steal them from BM, so i can make them look a little different. I think i have a pretty good idea for the arrows that i wanted to implement as well! I will update the map soon hopefully!

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Great to hear!

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Looks interesting so far! But will play this later when I have the chance to try the gameplay and see more of the map.

Thank you! I am currently working on the maps gameplay and design.

Sorry if i disappoint anyone (Like anybody cares lol.) but i think i will release the full update of the map tommorow. I might just release it today if i manage to, but i just started working on it again (I was at Swinsor’s stream.) it’s going to get late soon and i’m going to have to go to sleep.

im going to make something real quick, i hope it’ll help!

this is probably a bit hard for you right now, as you aren’t as experienced, but maybe try to make the hallways like this? I think it’ll look cool.

This is a nice map but I suggest add more designs in the hallway like using parts as a designs.

(Suggest/Your Choice) Hallway could use more details imo:

Overall good map with enjoyable gameplay imo

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