Spaghettisine's general post

Well it’s that time of month again were I post a topic and nothing else happens until a hour later, tho its special its a general post (yes I’m finally doing one of these).

This a topic I post stuff that I’m working for a map or some sort of art blah blah blah you get the point, pretty the same old “hey ima post my stuff here” topic.

So dumb and awful jokes aside yeah that’s all.

Here’s a sewer layout I made probably for a map or something.

And here’s a layout I’m making for a easy map named “ancient garden”.


looks really cool, hope you’re using that artistic talent and putting it somewhere!!

mk, looking sweet to far. can’t wait to see the result


He be rolling down the street.

He be sad from his head to the feet.

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Spaghetti in a bottle.

Another part of the ancient garden map (The actual ancient part of the map)


One question ima ask. Should I make my own vine like parts like make my own leaf parts and vines or just say with the decals?

  • Stay with the decals
  • Create your own leafs and vine parts

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Edit: Crap I voted on my own poll oh well I wont count it.

Ok 5 votes not including me, so I’m keeping the decals.

Another part of ancient gardens, I might add more stuff like cliffs or new bushes or statues.


Also send any feedback if you want.

looks nice

I made this for some reason.


kinda reminds me of the lava in core

So I decided to go back to that western map idea as my second map, but I wanna try to make it look more like a desert themed map or in this case a canyon.

So here’s a few images of the canyon terrain I’m making and no I’m not abandoning the ancient map I’m still doing it, also send any feedback about it if you want.

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Some more progress on the map so far, this is the second room of the map.

Leave feedback of what I should add to the map or to improve the style, cause you know its still a work in progress.


Looks epic.

Should I add water sections to the western mirage map?

  • Yes sounds cool.
  • No just no

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So far only two voted anyone else?