Spider (yes there is a spider tank shut up)

Whoa what a huge daddy longlegs you got on your back man :flushed:

Price: 200 coins
Main look:

On avatar (whoa thats huge doe :flushed:)



Should it be added?

  • Yes
  • No (state reason)

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What impression did you recieve from looking at its huge legs? :flushed:

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  • Amazing
  • Great
  • Good
  • Decent
  • Mediocre
  • Generic
  • Meh
  • Bad
  • Awful
  • throw it in the trash can
  • Abomination of the Universe
  • The Destroyer of Worlds
  • Needs Improvements

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Phase of Spamming new tanks: idk%

wait darnit the first image didnt load

shut the hell up no one cares

owo not nice omo

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Oh wow, I think I saw this in the milk carton picture, but I’m not really sure.

noone asked either :clown_face: xddddim funni i spam clown

It’s too flat, there needs to be more 3D geometry in it.

I like the design of the tank, but for me, the tank are to weak, try to added a spider web, anyways:

+1 vote

im not sure how would i pull this off, it was supposed to look flat

Well they don’t usually look like that in real life. It’s just awkward because you shouldn’t just make something flat.

Also I feel as if people always make the excuse of “sorry it’s meant to be like that”

Not saying you are rejecting my feedback but everyone always says that to me so I have to point that out.

sometimes i feel that too
I’ll think whether i want to make another, more 3D version, most likely I will.

it looks ok i guess

it should NOT be added because i have a phobia of spiders!!! (for real it looks real and i hate- i mean i like it)

i made this because of my phobia lol and i need to get through it

So, why you created this tank?

bcos i need to man up and to stop my wussy self


no it shouldn’t be added cuz I hate spidersman

jesus christ this sucks
can i ask a mod to remove this topic, as well as saphirral wheel, cookie, milk, jsab and shardial’s dev post

wussy self

Cool tank but sadly wont be added