Spring Hills Tank

Disclaimer: Good job that you are reading this. Because otherwise you will get spammed with messages by me saying something along the lines like this, “Please try to read next time.”

Okay so we are good? Good.

:warning: This is not the final design. I don’t plan to work on it that much. Please do not say, “Doesn’t look like a tank.” < Check ‘Creation Note’ :warning:

Yes I am aware about that. This is my first time making a tank, so please bare with me here.

Tank Stats:

:arrow_forward: All Instances (UnionOperations, Parts, MeshParts): 15
:arrow_forward: Part Count: 3
:arrow_forward: UnionOperations and MeshParts: 12
:arrow_forward: Price: 400 Coins
:arrow_forward: Creator: Visual_VDvanox


No Humanoid:


:name_badge: Creation Note :name_badge: : Setup for stuff like this will be different. I’m not gonna make many items tbh. Anyways, this is meant to be somewhat like the ‘Oof Tank’. I’ll try to make it smaller as well. Overall my opinion on this is fair. While it uses a lot of meshes, it’s okay for a first tank.

Please give me suggestions so I can make more of these. I’m always open for them :slight_smile:

i like it!!

how do people make the bottom meshes tho lol

I didn’t use meshes for the bottom parts. It’s simply just two parts. Unless you are talking about something else…

I’m talking about the bottom part

And yeah I always get it wrong

Okay I toned down the disclaimer because I think it was way too (what’s the word)

It felt like I was screaming at you basically.

im getting spring hideaway flashbacks

looks like an egg from Egg Hunt 2020 xd

Okay so maybe some of you have noticed, but I changed the name to be more appealing I guess? It’s better than, “Greenery Tank”

i smell good meshes
imma vote

Yea this tank mostly uses meshes. I’ll try to stay away from meshes, as of they cause some lag. I might make another tank soon. Stay tuned for that!

And yes, I know this is early for it’s time, but legit this was the only thing I could think of.

Anybody have any suggestions so I can improve this? I think I can make this better.

no suggestions
its already perfect


Okay I take that back. It’s kinda good I guess but I used way too many meshes.

I know that this is a tank but my friend used 400+ meshes on a map and with 22.8k parts, makes it very hard to play.

So yeah, watch out on the meshes.

I am also not trying to brag, as I am only scripting it lol

I use meshes a lot on my builds. Plus I have meshes that I never used before so sometimes it’s a good opportunity for me to use unused meshes. Though I do know that meshes do cause lag. I don’t even know what tank I’m gonna build next. There’s no way I’m gonna share ideas on it because soon it will get stolen. I don’t want ideas from other users since again stealing. I’ll try to find a good tank idea (I’m definitely not gonna do a firearm. Yes I’m being real since I don’t think Crazy would like to have a gun in his game).

roblox would prob do something about that lol

I know I just said out loud an idea but don’t even bother trying. It’s not gonna get in anyways.

Also LightingTech was ShadowMap so here is what it looks like in Compatibility: