Squ's creation post

this is going to be a place where ill keep you guys updated on some of my map creations. also would like it if I could get to know the map building community better thought this as well.
ill try to update this from time to time, if I have something to share.
– squ

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also this should be moved to y’know

yea it could be move to general, but i think it would work better in map developers becuse I’m going to mainly be using this to show my development on creations and get feedback from other developers. (if enough people or a moderator says i have to move it… ill move it)

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posts that abide by a name or a similar name of “(username’s) general post) always go in #general

ok… if one more person says i should move it i will move it, though if it make you happy i change the name from “squ’s general creation post” to “squ’s creation post”

i think that’s better

it’s a map creation post… i dont see how it doesn’t belong here?

that was from before he renamed it to a creation post

oh alright

just started and insane map that is going to be made by Three people (including myself) for a fe2 remake’s winter event!

haven’t put to much deco up yet, so it might look a bit empty…

Box… fo a map
(is this a good box?)

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not bad ig

is this a little overboard for deco? or does this look good?

Not bad tbh.

looks amazing.

unsure how I like the main wall colour, maybe a tad bit lighter?

this was suppose to be for a collab that ended up failing awhile ago : (. i might just make it into a standalone map, but im going to need to revamp it a bit. there is WAY to much neon xd

if i do make this a stand alone map, it will be worked on from time to time. as for now i wana focus more on trying to help Inocular on his remakes.

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Dude that’s amazing, you should def finish this.