Starting my own dev team? (The Blocky Devs) [CLOSED!]

Hi I’m Starting a dev team. So the dev team name is “The Blocky Devs” This dev team is about making maps in collab and making great maps. Also might change the name cuz idk any other dev team names. 15 (actually 14 cuz i’m in it) people can join this team so if you want to join, please ask.

Member list:
1: InocularGaming (Owner)
2: AdamZStormHack_ed
3: Tabby
4: CallMeVbuck
5: justinchua2006
6: alternoobive
7: federoblox244
8: DystopianGamerFE2
9: PhexoniaRBLX
10: TheMob99
11: SzymonBLOX
12: BaconBoi
13: a456pur
14: A_R
15: RBLXDenimated_Dev


i’ll join

Ok i’ll add you in to the group.


okay then

You want to join the group fed?


me ok


holy frick
30 ppl

uh no thanks

I might join.

Lowered to 15 members now



no thanks

Hi! Can I get in, please? My username is alternoobive.

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me me

@inoculargaming, when someone says “okay then” that means they wanna join. hopefully

Oh, that’s going to be amazing! I would like to join the Dev Teams from The Blocky Devs.
Building maps are so exciting and fun, since I’m good at building skills! :+1:

yes i wanna join since i am bored

i could join but idk if i should get back to building

is it for fe2 or other? If other, i’ll join
Wait actually ill just join i mean why not lol