Steampunk Industry ⚙

Steampunk Industry :gear::gear::wrench:
Concept : Inspiration from Dungeon quest : Steampunk Sewers :gear: [I changed to Industry theme not sewers]
Steampunk is the first technology to make clockwork or engine in the world, And this is the first industry ! That use old technology to work ! (Not at all :rofl:) [If you don’t understand , I’m really sorry because my grammar and word so weak]
ID Map : 3007562168

Spawn room :

First room :

Second room :

Third room :

Stair up :

Fourth room : [Last room]

Status :
Completed :white_check_mark::white_check_mark:
No Wedge :white_check_mark::white_check_mark:
No Box :white_check_mark::white_check_mark:

Have fun ! :heart_eyes: :heart: :gear: :wrench:

tell me your hacks


why DiD yOu rEPLy tO mE in tHIs

also yes you can but do it in @Harri’s advertise post machine

needs wedges

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i think the map is fine as it is, it looks like a nice map, and it seems pretty fun to play

also to note: not all maps need wedges to be a nice, detailed map


Steampunk is the first type of technology to make clockwork or engines in the world, and this is the first industry! That old technology probably still works! (Not at all actually :rofl:) [Grammarly corrected by Azuaric]

I made it English that I and everyone else can read
My opinion on this map is that it is very unique for not using wedges. Way to go! Though, with some of your other maps like Haunted Chapel, I’m seeing a running theme. These kinds of maps you are releasing are similar to maps everyone knows, like Scream Fortress and Blue Moon. Therefore I view them as spin-offs. If they had their own post, I probably wouldn’t vote them because they look too similar or they are possibly inspired by someone else’s work. Try to be a bit more original with the maps you make.


I can’t get pass the second room because the lava always gets me

pink neon doesn’t even fit

o k a y this is lit

i don’t really like those textures in the first areas, but it’s cool. i have no idea why but reminds me of blue moon

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Ayaya~! x3

kinda meh map

am I the only one who finds this map to me more of an insane than crazy but still have fun gameplay?

I beat this like in 20 attempts, please tell me if I’m actually getting better at the game or the map is just easy ._.

actually the design is not falling apart, especially I like the rotating gears, just the directions can be confusing (well it’s a crazy then ok)

vote lol


sadly I can’t record this because my recorder broke lol

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Uhm maybe add a little design on the pipes

But still cool hot mapa by noom, like always

Very epic. Made a video on it lol

the map is just easy yes

warm cold

thats what i expected